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The main beach is the perfect place to soak up the sun, however swimmers should be aware that strong rips do occur off Aldinga Beach in the trough between the inner and outer bar.

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The Puppets

Des, Jim & Dave
This pic has only just surfaced, the guy on the left is our publicity manager, Greg Tesser

I’m an original ’60s musician from the UK. I was drummer/vocalist for The Puppets, a group from Preston, Lancashire. We recorded at the legendary Joe Meek’s RGM Studio in London and backed many major Artistsof the time…

Photo Copyright 1966 Clive Bubley

Big Dee

… and that incredible Rock’n’Roller,

Gene Vincent

Brit Idols…

Bert Weedon
Julie Rogers


Millie, who sang “My Boy Lollipop”

As you can imagine we had a ball! For our history, please click on History Chapters to your left.


The Puppets tracks have appeared on many CDs

Monkey Business

Des Andrew Rob Neil

I have been living in Adelaide South Australia since 1979. In 1986 I formed a band called Monkey Business with guitarist Andrew Hilton, keyboard player Rob Ryan and later Neil Andrews aka ‘The Adelaide Guitar Doctor’.

We were around for about 10 years and had a ball.

Contact on : Des@desoreilly.com

Bob Johnson RIP

Bob Johnson passed away on Sat May 7th 2011

Clickon the Bob Johnson Obituary pagein the navigation panel to your left for details

Dave Millen The Puppets Guitarist 1943-2010 RIP


Dave Millen passed away on Tuesday Jan 19 2010

Click on the Dave Millen Obituary page in the navigation panel to your left for details

No Longer With Us

Sadly the following artistshave all passed away

Joe Meek April 05 – 1929 — Feb 03- 1967

Gene VincentFeb 11 – 1935 — Oct 12 – 1971

Billy FuryApril 17 – 1940 — Jan 28 – 1983

Big Dee Irwin July 06 – 1932 — Aug 27 – 1995

Dave Millen Jan 29 -1944 — Jan 19 – 2010

Crispian St. Peters April 05 – 1939 — June 08 – 2010

Bob JohnsonAug.30 – 1940— May 07 – 2011

Keef Hartley April 08 -1944 — Nov 26 2011

Bert Weedon May 10-1920 — April 20 – 2012

David John Smith March 29 -1946 — Mar 03 2013

Sir Tom FinneyApril 5.1922 — Feb 14 2014

Duffy Power9 September 1941 –– 19 February 2014

Danny RiversNovember 7, 1941 —-28 July2016

Preston Musos Page

I’ve decided to open upa page as a forum for people to post items regarding the music scene in Preston, Lancashire UK.

You have to be a site member to post. If you are not a member you can register on the page, it’s free, usual rules apply.

Please click on ‘Preston Musos’ at the bottom of the navigation panel to our left.

Des O’Reilly

OverFivemillion hits on Fandalism

G’Day everybody

I would like to share this with you.

Around5 yearsago I joined a site for musicians

called Fandalism. Today08 Nov.2017,I have


—Who -ooh

Here’s a link http://fandalism.com/desdinga

Still counting

Site Updates

I’ve had this site since 2004, over time people have sent me all sorts of info etc.

If anyone has anything Puppet related pics or articles,

there are even four demo discs out there somewhere there could also be some Videos tooSo if you have please please send me a copy

[email protected]

I just want you to know that the site is constantly being updated

and I genuinely thank you for your interest


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