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phil eaves

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Hi Des,

Sorry its been so long since I last made contact with you.

Bob received a tremendous send off on Thursday, some three hundred people attended his funeral in Chipping – the church was packed to capacity !

It was a very emotional occasion and just goes to show how  many people had such high regard for Bob.

Whilst Bob had not been in the best of health for some time I never thought the gig we did at Chipping village hall on the 27th.March would be the last. We had plans to play a further 2 or 3 gigs later this year along with Phil Cool – but alas !

As you may imagine many local muso’s attended his funeral – it sometimes seems these sad occasions are the only time we all get together nowadays – but there was a feeling that we should try and get together in the not to distant future and organise a memorial / tribute concert to Bob with proceeds going to a worthy cause.

A great man and dear friend sadly missed.

All the best to you Des


Phil Eaves.

May 21, 2011 at 10:30 AM


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09:09 PM on July 09, 2011 I finally received the DVD of BUSH COUNTRY performance at “Big Draw Rock Club” aka “The Club Royal”, Market Street, Preston in 1976.

The original was filmed by a good friend of mine, Barry Jackson.

It was filmed on pre-vhs equipment in black and white.

The Quality is as good as we can get seeing the age ALMOST 40 YEARS.

Line up is as follows :- BOB JOHNSON vocals
TONY WRIGHT Lead Guitar, backing vocals
ALEX LEYLAND Guitar,Mandolin,Violin, backing vocals
DAVE “DAZ” SMITH Steel Guitar and Bass Guitar
DAVE MORRIS Guitar and Bass Guitar
Many thanks to my buddy MICK JORDAN for posting on YOUTUBE

You can find them on tw28st

If you look closely you will see WALLY “the Roadie” and hear the voice of DARRYL EDWARDS …D.J. and MC

hope y’all enjoy

P.S. I must admit to feeling quite emotional watching these especially now we have lost both BOB and PADDY. It was a pleasure to be in the band and you can see what fun we had. And MY GOODNESS didn’t we ROCK



July 10, 2011 at 8:26 AM

General Discussion > Blessed Sacrement Ribbleton


[email protected]

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In 1963 I used to frequent Blessed Sacrement School hall on Sunday nights when they put on nights of live music featuring local bands and quite a few merseybeat bands. I remember David John and the Mood playing there,Ray Lewis and the Trekkers.the first time I ever saw Dave Millen play with a trio called Group Three with Reg Welch on bass and Tommy Holmes on Drums.I can also remember seeing the original Hollies with Graham Nash,The Big Three,Lee Curtis and the Allstars with Pete Best on drums,Rory Storm and the Hurricanes and the original Midnighters with the late Keef Hartley on drums and Reg Welch on lead guitar. Fabulous bar or anything,more like a youth club. The older lads,including my older brother Dave Morris used to go for a drink first in the nearest pub beforehand which was probably the Bowling Green in Longridge Road,before the Ribbleton pub was built. I was only 15 at the time so went straight into the hall.

     I just wondered if anybody out there knows who the hell it was who organized those nights because it was absolutely wonderful.There was a great atmosphere and I never remember any kind of trouble.Great memories!

     Pete Morris(drummer with Bob Johnson in Loon Street Gas Band, Smokey Joe and Bush Country)


December 3, 2011 at 8:05 PM

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